October 2021: Free Apps For Me has reviewed the Puddle Hopping app (also at Apps Like These), and after a thorough and accurate summary, gave it a strong recommendation. Please visit their blogs, good recommendations.

Our app, Puddle Hopping, has been selected as a 'hidden gem' in a blog Underrated Trivia Games To Play On IOS Devices". Thank you, GameKeys! Please visit their blog.

Puddle Hopping

We have built mobile native app versions of the games on this site, available in app stores. Strings, Clues, Buckets, and Rooms are all contained in a single mobile app, suitable for phone or tablet.

Android, iOS, and Amazon are all available in their app stores, formatted for 1920x1080 but will work on other resolutions. They will also work on tablets.

This app has been completely rewritten (and renamed) for a huge improvement in performance. (2020)

Amazon (Kindle Fire -- Android):
Google (Android):
iTunes (iOS):

Also available online here.

Science 8 app

I spent a year volunteer tutoring middle school (grade 8) science students. While doing that, I created an app with a few simple demonstrations and practice tests to help them. The modules included were those that illustrated or helped practice the concepts my students had trouble either understanding or remembering. The test module contains every test the students took.

This app is mentioned in a feature article: Top Education Related Games (Hidden Gems)
by Kevin White. The article can be found at

The app can be found in the Google, Amazon, and iTunes app stores by searching for 'Science 8' or 'Ideate Games'.
Amazon (Android and Blackberry):
Google (Android):
iTunes (iOS):

Also available online here. .

Nougs app

My grandson was very interested in microbes when he was 4, and I built this app for him, and added spelling and other content for my other grandchildren. They are very simple silly games, but contain real scientific content.
Google (Android)
iTunes (iOS)

BrassUp! app

This app helps learn and practice notes and fingerings or slide positions for brass instruments, including trumpet, euphonium/baritone, tuba (E-flat and BB-flat), French horn, and trombone. It has several modes including random notes, scales, exercises, and 12 keys for each instrument.

This app is NOT AN INSTRUMENT or a synthesizer, you cannot just 'play music' with it, although it has a 'free play' option that can be fun. There are many settings and options, be sure to explore them all.

Google (Android):
iTunes (iOS):!/id446654401?ls=1&mt=8
Amazon: .

Games with game design partners

Clades Solo

I built this game for a colleague game designer, Jonathan Tweet. It is not a free game, but only costs $1.99. It has its own page.


I built this game for a colleague, John Chhana. The game is a simple spelling game, in the Mizo language, a native language of an area where India, Tibet, Myanmar, and Bangladesh come together. Mizo is John's native language, fading from globalization pressure, and this is one of his contributions to help preserve the language. It has its own page.

Mobile apps were built with Corona SDK

If you wish to suggest priorities for devices or games, contact us at either or with the Feedback button on this page.