Privacy Policy for Ideate Games

No data collected from apps or web (browser) games will be shared with anyone who is not a developer for this game unless required by law, as part of a legal investigation. Ever.

No personal information is collected by any Ideate Games or Phosphorlearn apps or online games. Scores for one app (MizoQuiz) are shared on leaderboards but that is entirely in the user's control.

One app, To Samarkand, reads your email and your step count from fitness or health apps, with your permission. The email is one-way encrypted and the pain text version discarded. Those data are never shared anywhere and contained within the app, are never visible to anyone other than the user.

No email or text messages will be sent to you from this site for sales, marketing, or other unsolicited purposes.

No credit card or other purchasing information is ever collected.

Please direct any questions about this policy to

What we record

Mobile apps no longer collect any usage information. There is an opt-out for collection of anonymized crash data added to all apps with updates in 2022 or later. Earlier versions of apps do collect anonymized crash data.

Generic, anonymous usage is collected still from some web (browser) games. From any data collected, we cannot trace those to any IP address or device ID or anything specific about you.