Privacy Policy for Clades Solo

No player-specific information from these games will be shared with anyone who is not a developer for this game unless required by law, as part of a legal investigation.

Usage summaries across many users might be shared in graphs for marketing or collaboration purposes, but never with information about specific players.

No personal information is collected by the mobile app of this site. Scores and major events are reported anonymously to an analytics engine.

No email or text messages will be sent to you from this site for sales, marketing, or other unsolicited purposes.

No credit card or other purchasing information is available to Ideate Games or its developers.

Please direct any questions about this policy to

What we record

Generic, anonymous usage for Android, iPhone (subject to separate iOS permission), Amazon Kindle, and Windows devices. The events recorded are start and finish of a game or module and scores, such as "Start Clades Solo" or "Finish Solo Clades with triple score 33" or "Finish Clades with level 2 game score 320". The analytics gives us summaries of the number of each model device used, but we cannot trace those to your IP address or device ID or any unique identifier for you.