Adapt or Die

Copyright 2020 PhosphorLearn, David Marques

Adapt is a simple game about habitat fitness. Adapt is very simple to play, it consists of moving a piece around the board and selecting habitats and adaptation cards when the opportunity arises.

There are opportunities for strategies and for competitive moves, although they are not easy to predict and often fail (as with true evolutionary adaptation strategies).

The game takes 20-30 minutes to play. Target age is 9+.

The game does require a fair amount of simple addition at the end (see this sample score sheet), and there is an online calculator (and there will be an app for those who prefer) to help the arithmetically-challenged (or lazy).

Anyone interested in play-testing this game, here is a complete set of images of the play-test rules, cards, board, habitats. You have to print out and cut out all the cards, but it is all there. BTW, the cards are printed such that they align with the Avery name badges card stock. You can get it from Amazon using the search 'avery name badges'.

Here are links to some current documents and images for background about the game.

Art needed

This link shows some images of interesting environments.