Mixed Up Museum

a very simple 3D game

You are in an outdoor museum. The museum has 9 rooms, arranged in a 3x3 square.

Each wall has a different picture or item.

In level 1, there are 2 wall paintings or objects on the wrong wall and possibly the wrong room.
(3, 5, and 5 mistakes in levels 2, 3, and 4)

Your job is to take the misplaced objects back to their correct walls in their correct rooms in the shortest time.

Game Handbook

See also our game idea Threads -- Classroom version, a simple game for history class fun

The idea of this project is a game shell that can be used by students to make their reports more fun.
A student can write a report in a spreadsheet (such as a history report with a list of events), add images, and 'play' their report in the game.

Current builds (alpha, little visual design or environmental touches) 19 Feb

Where it runsLatest build
(seems to work on tablet browsers, but not tested enough yet)
[NOTE: lighting is more subtle in the desktop versions]



Current bugs and plans are here.
633each room has its own wall, same for all 4 walls; North wall lighter
631fixed images in the topic catalog
625added a little more content in the item descriptions
fixed freeze bug in Quotes topic
623numerous bugs found in QA; fixed ESC problem sometimes not working
621fixed image size in topic catalog
611added optional touch-screen controls for phones and tablets
601new feature browse all items in the topic
added level 4 with hidden dates
fixed bug with tapping some buttons twice
505fixed lighting in desktop: spotlight follows player
504fixed bug in occasional missing images
503added Quotes topic
501trap network error (not fully tested)
501allow ESC to show mouse and permit exit during image load