This is a complex macro-economics card game for multiple players. Each player runs a country and sets financial priorities, which are then played out on a global stage with or against the other players.

A valid (though simplified) macro-economics model underpins the game, driven by the card choices of the players. Each player can decide that their goal is to achieve competitive (financial) dominance or "enlightenment" (reduced unemployment and reduced wealth gap).

Here are links to some current documents and images for background about the game.

Art needed

The images on these cards are just concept images. Do not feel any obligation to use them in any way, do not copy them. You are free to create any images for the cards as long as they suggest the concepts on the card.

Each card that has a country on it (35 cards) will have its major country color on the back of the card. The backs can be anything, but keep them simple.

The game has 9 TAX cards, 4 are duplicate images. Eight of the cards are the three tax categories (Tax rate for the top 10%, Corporate Tax rate, Tax rate for the middle 50%, and Tariffs), with one up and one down for each category, and one is a no-change card

Five of the cards are COUNTRY cards. These can be anything, just an image and a title. The 5 country names are: Alhambra,Laucatan,Sinhasa,Bucillo,Xingha. Make them all quite different. Each country should have its own unique color that is replicated throughout the app and on the game boards. You can also use pattern or texture differences or other indicators to help color-challenged players, color should not be the only indicator.

There are 10 CATASTROPHE cards, again 4 are duplicates. These also just need to suggest the concepts.

Some of these cards may change as a result of further play-testing.

Background image for the rules

The rulebook (5" x 8" -- 127mm x 203mm) will have an image in the background on every page. This can be anything giving the idea of the game, but at least should match the style of the images used in the game. It will be reduced contrast so that the print stands out.

Box cover

The box dimensions are not set yet, probably 216mm x 140mm (assumes image download for the board). The cover can be anything but should at least work well with the style of the card images.

The game board

A board is not necessary for this game, and might be omitted.

The current plan is to use a simple board with 8 separate graphs, approximately 5" x 5" (26cm x 26cm), and digitally 1575px x 1575px. Each player will have a token for each graph and that token will be moved up or down on each graph at the end of each round to the place where their trade balance sits. The only critical part of each graph is a bar through the middle where 0 trade balance is. Gradations easy to follow in 5 increments up and 5 increments down are required, and probably some indication of the 5 different vertical spaces for the 5 players to move their tokens up and down (eg, color bars or vertical lines). The board might change with more play-testing, but most likely only text or with the addition of another board with other graphs.

To save cost and especially shipping, there will probably not be any board shipped with the game. The board squares will be available as images for download.

App Icons

Each country will need a simple icon (preferred line art, but can be more complicated if you want) to be used throughout the app. Typically will be shown at about 300px x 200px, but sometimes with a circular icon (which I would make with a mask, no need for separate images). Ideally the country image would correspond in some obvious way with the card images, but if the app images are more abstract, color can be used to help visual recognition.

The major menu items will each need icons (and color suggestions! -- or could use images as buttons):

There is also the opportunity to influence or direct the design of all the app screens if you want to.